fogging and infection control

Specialist bio hazard fogging, sanitising & infection control services in Dundee & Angus

fogging equipment & chemspec 429 The Carpet Cleaner Man provides a dedicated infection control service in many environments such as Schools, doctors surgeries, nurseries and many more. Our Infection Control Team can eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and infections quickly, at the source before they are given the opportunity to spread.
We provide a 24/7 Infection Control Emergency Response Service throughout Dundee, Angus and Aberdeen. Wherever possible, The Carpet Cleaner Man uses environmentally friendly products and proven techniques to quickly eliminate bacteria, viruses and infection at source.

We deliver long-term protection against their re-emergence via the treatments we apply to the general area and all surfaces within it. Our bio hazard trained technicians are equipped to carry out Infection Control within any environment - working in schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, GP surgeries, dentists, nurseries and offices to sterilise and decontaminate the immediate environment and kill the source before it has a chance to incubate and spread.

If you require infection control services in Dundee, Angus or Aberdeenshire, simply call us on 01382 680086 or fill out our quote form.

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We can minimise the threat of wide-spread infection posed by many potentially dangerous organisms and bacteria such as E-Coli, Salmonella, Legionnaires, Listeria, MRSA and C-Diff. We can also minimise the threat of viruses such as Noro Virus, Swine Flu and BBVs (Blood-borne Viruses) such as Hepatitis B (HBV) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) potentially found in blood-borne pathogens.