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We pride ourselves on our high quality carpet cleaning service in Aberdeen and our great customer service. We aim to always provide premium carpet cleaning services and guarantee you will notice the difference. You can see some of our amazing reviews from previous customers on our homepage and many more on our facebook page and others on various sites over the net. It's why we are happy to offer a 100% guarantee for our Aberdeen carpet cleaning service.
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Not all carpet cleaners in Aberdeen are the same.

In Aberdeen, you can all too easily believe that all carpet cleaners in Aberdeen are the same and regardless of how much, or little they charge, you will end up with the same thing - a perfectly clean carpet.
Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. It's all about, 'buying logic.'

When we go out to buy a new car, or a fridge, we choose the make and model that best suits our needs and then quite logically, 'shop around' for the best price. Regardless of how much you eventually up pay for the product you end up with exactly what you wanted.
The difference between buying a product and a service is that a product can be inspected in a showroom so you know exactly what you are getting before parting with your hard earned cash.
The problem when buying a service such as carpet & upholstery cleaning in Aberdeen is that unlike a product, you have no idea what you have bought until the day the work is carried out. Yes, you shopped around for prices and got what you believed was the best deal. Working on the basis that all carpet cleaners are the same and regardless of how much or little you agreed to pay, you'll end up with the same thing - a clean carpet. You may even think that having spent time ringing around for prices that you saved yourself £20 or more by going with the lowest bidder because that is the same buying logic you used to purchase your new TV.

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At the time of booking a carpet cleaner in Aberdeen, all you've actually got is a 'promise' of a clean carpet, but it hasn't been delivered yet and when you were ringing for prices your focus was on the price. Come the day of cleaning it suddenly becomes about quality, or what exactly are you are going to get for you money?
On the big day, what if your chosen carpet cleaner in Aberdeen shows up with a DIY machine like the Rug Doctor or Vax, even unbelievably, a bucket and sponge and proceeds to soak your carpets without them looking even slightly better and leaving you considerably out of pocket?
You had every right to expect a quality carpet clean by a qualified, experienced and professional carpet cleaning company in Aberdeen but because you used the same buying logic you use to buy a product, you mistakenly believed that only the price was in question and that the quality would be the same, regardless of the price you agreed to pay.
All carpet cleaners are NOT the same - far from it.

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When booking a carpet cleaner in Aberdeen, ask plenty of questions:

  • - How long have you been in business?
  • - Do you have relevant training?
  • - Are you a member of any Trade Alliances?
  • - What type of equipment do you use?
  • - Are you fully insured, including All Risks? (insurance against damage to items being worked on)
  • - Do you offer any type of written satisfaction guarantee?
  • - Better still, try and find a carpet cleaner through the recommendation of others.

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The Aberdeen carpet cleaner man has been trained to the highest standards and will always uses the latest equipment and technology to provide the premium carpet cleaning in Aberdeen that we are so proud of. Contact us today to get your free carpet cleaning quote for our Aberdeen carpet cleaning service.

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