qualifications of the carpet cleaner man
August 30, 2020

Not all carpet cleaners are the same

By carpetcleanerman

    If you shopped around to find the cheapest carpet cleaner available, Do you really think you will get the same service regardless of price! Some carpet cleaners haven’t even done any training, some have no insurance and these are people who think they are professionals by renting a machine that you can get yourself.    If they are willing to lie to get into your home, what else are they not telling you?
  One of the top home insurance claims in the UK is from untrained carpet cleaners ruining home carpets under the pretense of being a professional carpet cleaning company. They don’t know the difference between a wool carpet and a polypropylene one or more importantly which chemicals will ruin them entirely.

After shopping around for prices and getting what you believe is the best deal, working on the basis that all carpet cleaners are the same and that regardless of how much or little you agreed to pay, you’ll end up with the same thing – a perfectly clean carpet!
When you book a carpet cleaner, all you’ve actually got is a ‘promise’ of a clean carpet, but it hasn’t been delivered yet and when you were ringing carpet cleaning companies, your focus was on the price. Yet come the day of cleaning it suddenly becomes about quality, or what exactly are you are going to get for you money. Our only advice here, is that you will get what you pay for!

the choice of a carpet cleaner

   On the day, what if your chosen carpet cleaner shows up with a DIY machine like the Rug Doctor or Vax and proceeds to soak your carpets without them looking even slightly better.
     You expected a quality carpet clean from a professional carpet cleaning company but because you used the same buying logic you use to buy a tv or fridge, where you find the product you want and then shop around for the best price - you mistakenly believed that only the price was in question and that the quality would be the same,    Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.
All carpet cleaners are NOT the same - far from it.

       Always ask some simple questions when booking a carpet cleaning service - "What qualifications do you have", "What insurance cover do you hold", " how long have you been doing this", "Are you a member of any trade organisations?" are some to use.
The Carpet Cleaner Man will happily answer any questions or doubts you may have and our technitions are always happy to explain exactly what they are doing (and why) during the entire carpet cleaning service they are providing.
Call us today and let us put your mind at ease about using us to clean the carpets in your home or workplace, 0800 246 1091.

qualifications of the carpet cleaner man