You've booked a carpet cleaning service, but what now?

 One of the top questions we get asked once somebody has booked a carpet cleaning service is “what do I do now?” or “what happens next?” 
   So we have put together a mini guide on how to prepare for your carpet cleaning service, because having The Carpet Cleaner Man arrive and be able to get straight to work is the ideal way of having a perfect carpet cleaning experience.

Preparation…. that’s the key to it all.

Have a parking spot available for The Carpet Cleaner Man,
It’s the first thing we will need when we turn up to clean your carpets. The closer to your property the better so we can unload and set up our cleaning equipment. Having a parking spot readily available will also save you the trouble of rushing around to move your car and shows that you are prepared.

Have arrangements in place for children or pets.
Getting the kids/dogs watched, playing outside or keeping them in a spare room out of the way is ideal. A crying child or barking dog could distract you and make meeting your carpet cleaner on arrival more complicated than it needs to be.

Vacuum your carpet before The Carpet Cleaner Man arrives,
   Professional carpet cleaning machines are made to clean the fibres of your carpet, so larger bulky debris will clog the equipment. You can save time and inconvenience by hoovering before we arrive and this lets us get right to the job at hand, cleaning your carpets.

Clear out small items from the rooms,
   Moving small items from the room such as electronics, plants, lamps will give The Carpet Cleaner Man more room to work, allowing us to focus on the carpet cleaning process itself. I assure you, if you have the capability of clearing out your rooms as much as possible, moving small items onto tiled flooring or even placing items on top of beds for the day, Your carpet cleaner will be breathing a big sigh of relief! Who knows how many times we have visited a home only to find everything still messy and items all over the place when we arrive.great job cleaning carpets

Moving large items.

We follow the industry safety standards which do not allow our technicians to move large or breakable items such as Pianos, China Cabinets, etc… So if there is a need to have items like these moved, it would be best to have them moved prior to our arrival. We can move some items such as a sofa/couch around the room if needed.

Do a walkthrough with us when we get there.
   On our arrival, take a little time with your technician and go through each room pointing out areas of concern. It helps if you inform us of any unusual stains you are aware of and what caused them, this allows us to treat them with the correct chemical and saves time trying to identify them. If you have furniture you would like us to move, this is a great time to let us know. By doing this it helps your carpet cleaner man know your expectations and also gives you the opportunity to get to know us a little as well.

    Part of the joy of hiring a professional carpet cleaner is having someone else do the dirty work for you, yet taking these pro-active steps can help make sure you get the cleanest carpet possible and the best service possible.