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    Vinyl flooring whether it's tiled or a single covering has come a long way. Starting off as cheap flimsy plastic product, some made from a wood pulp/resin mix called Linoleum, hence the word Lino.   Since then, manufacturers have introduced products that are tough and scratch resistant. These are a lot more durable and include well-known brands like Amtico, Karndean design flooring, Altro and Rhino flooring. While extremely durable, these products do require a sealer to protect the surface from marking, enhance the colour and appearance of the Vinyl and if required add a sheen finish.
Our experienced and trained Karndean floor care technicians are here to provide a quality Karndean Floor Cleaning Services in Dundee, Angus and Aberdeenshire.
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We strip, Clean & Seal all vinyl flooring, Karndean, Amtico, lino.

Depending on the size and location of the job we may sheet up. That just involves us placeing protective wrapping before we start adding moisture to the room (like a painter with dust sheets).   The cleaning of Karndean floors starts with a quick brush and vacuum as unlike stone floors we need to remove small hard objects to avoid any scratching of the surface. Our cleaning solution is then sprayed down onto the floor, leaving it for a short dwell time. Then we use our specialist tilemaster rotary machine fitted with a soft scrubbing pad to assist the solution in its cleaning. Some Karndeans can have deep grooves to give a tile effect or wooden board effect so we use a grout brush to get the deep down soils out from the grooves. We use a soft brush for the edges. The next step the carpet cleaner man takes is rinsing the floor and vacuuming up the residue with our wet vac, followed with a dry pass with a small rotary machine fitted with a soft buff pad.  Once floor is dried it is inspected for any soils left, if we find any then we clean again.
 We then use large air mover dryers to get the karndean floor as dry as possible ready to be sealed. This all gives your karndean flooring a great protective finish for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Our well trained and equipped technicians offer the following Karndean floor care treatments:

  • Karndean floor cleaning
  • Karndean floor sealing
  • Karndean floor stripping
  • Karndean cleaning
  • Karndean stripping
  • Karndean sealing
  • Karndean floor staining diagnosis

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  Lots of people choose to have Karndean vinyl flooring at home as unlike alternative hard flooring, Karndean is relatively cheap and is designed to be durable and easily maintainable. Karndean flooring can come with an extremely long warranty because sellers are very confident that it won't get damaged.
Amtico and Karndean are types of vinyl based flooring that are esuperb choices for your home, especially in kitchens and bathrooms because they are very hygienic floor types.  Unfortunately, even vinyl floors don't last forever if they are not looked after correctly. If you've selected this floor type for your business to keep high levels of sanitation, then a professional clean a couple of times a year can be very important.
  The carpet cleaner man has lots of experiencein maintaining vinyl, amtico and karndean flooring. We use specialy designed equipment to provide the deep clean required to keep your floor in excellent condition. If you would like to know what our service can do for your vinyl floors, why not ring us for a free no obligation survey? 0800 246 1091 Many homes and business are thrilled with the results they received from The carpet cleaner man and we're sure you will be too!  

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    We're so sure that our restoration and cleaning process will amaze you, that we are happy to come out and perform a test patch where you can actually see what the finished result will look like. Fill in your details and we will arrange a day and time to visit your premises, where we guarantee you will see the difference.

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