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Professional upholstery cleaners in Dundee, Angus & Aberdeenshire

  The carpet cleaner man has done extensive training to provide the best upholstery cleaning service in Dundee & Angus. We don't provide a quick once over to make your suite just look clean, we perform a real deep clean that will leave your chairs and sofas healthy and revitalised.   We clean your upholstery by hand, only using our machines to rinse after we have finished the hard work. Finalised by towel drying and hand grooming of the Knap.

upholstery cleaning services best upholstery cleaning service upholstery cleaning service

 Having your upholstery professionaly cleaned reduces the problems that can arise that are the main reasons for replacing soft upholstery furnishings. 
 Professional upholstery cleaning can even make your oldest furnishings look good as new while reducing the risk of dust mites, mould and other harmful bacteria.
 Does your couch smell of dog, kids milk or something else just as funky?  The carpet cleaner man uses nhs approved sanitisers that kill all odour causing bacteria and any other nasty germs too, plus using our low-moisture equipment helps reduce drying times and maintain hygiene.

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Why clean your upholstery?

  Sofas and chairs are not only vulnerable to surface stains, dust, and dirt, but grime can become deeply embedded into the fibres too. Even if you can't see the dirt, it's there. So for cleanliness and hygiene, cleaning upholstery on a regular basis is very important but it doesn't have to be difficult. If your sofas and chairs have removable covers, that doesn't always mean you can put them through the washing machine. They are manufactured that way so the cushion can be fitted in. If you machine wash them, there is a risk of shrinkage or even worse, colour running or bleeding.
  So how do you clean upholstery correctly and effectively. The best answer is to call The carpet cleaner man on 0800 246 1091 and have us do it for you, leaving you time for more relaxing activities.

Our upholstery cleaning prices cover your deep clean, small stain treatment and a nice fresh scent. We provide premium upholstery cleaning services and pride ourselves on our great customer reviews, which is why our customers always return to us for repeat services. We use a truck mounted machine which is the most powerful carpet and upholstery cleaning system through out the whole of Dundee and Angus. Allowing us to give you the deepest clean possible. The upholstery dries a lot quicker with our low moisture specialist equipment.
upholstery cleaning All our technicians are fully qualified and understand the importance of checking your upholstery fibres in order to identify the type of fabric it is and what products are not only safe to use but are specially formulated to achieve the very best results. They are also fully insured not only for the items in the house but for what they are working on, so you can always relax knowing your soft furnishings are in the hands of a professional.
 We are also fully vetted by trading standards and are members of The Angus reputable trader scheme, The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance, The Federation of Small Business and Expert Trades.

leather sofa and chair cleaning

leather cleaningTo clean leather, we use a very effective leather foam cleaner. It deep cleans into the grain removing all dirt and grime from the leather. Our leather foam cleaner is safe to use on all leather types except suede & nubuck, and provides astonishing results.
   When we are cleaning leather, we find it best to clean the leather with a foam, rather than a liquid. Cleaning leather with foam is safer as it reduces the chances of bleach type marks and streaks while more importantly, foam leather cleaner is a lot more effective than using liquids.

Leather restoration

    It's your favourite leather sofa, You have so many memories with that chair. You don't want to throw it away but you just can't get it to look clean again. The carpet cleaner man can restore a leather sofa, your leather chair or any other leather furnishing. "We clean - repair - renew"
Contact us today to find out more about how we can renew your leather furnishings.

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